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Article: Discover The World of Misahara

Discover The World of Misahara

Discover The World of Misahara

Handcrafted in the heart of New York City, Misahara prides itself in being a brand that excels in fine jewelry artistry while creating pieces that embody the simplicity of everyday luxury. Inspired by the world around us, from the mesmerizing desert skies and wildlife of the Serengeti, and the Adriatic coast with its clear, blue sea, to the enchanting cities of Rome and Paris. Each Collection tells a unique story and the versatile styles allow Misahara to cater to every taste. From designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp's travels and her bond with nature come exemplary and out of the ordinary creations. Her designs evoke an emotion, inspire confidence and enhance beauty from the inside out. So, how does your jewelry make you feel?

How It All Started

Misahara’s founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp have always had an affinity for fine jewelry. She loved receiving jewelry pieces from her husband; however, she felt each piece was somehow always missing something to make it perfect. While she loved the heartfelt intention behind these gifts, she was always a bit dismayed at how impersonal the pieces felt. After discovering her talent for re-imagining jewelry to tell a personal story, her husband eventually encouraged her to start her own jewelry line and share her creative perspective with the world.

Misahara’s Partnerships

Passion, authenticity, unity. So much of what makes Misahara the fine jewelry brand it is today lies in the people and partnerships we align ourselves with. 

At Misahara, we believe that while jewelry is a form of Lepa’s passionate expression, it should also be a reflection of the wearer’s authentic self. By combining her unique perspectives with delicate touches of cultural and international influences, Lepa makes jewelry designed for meaningful self expression.

We are incredibly proud to have longstanding partnerships with legacy organizations, such as Ferrari and Gemfields. As we work together to bring magic in its purest form, that is jewelry - to life, we recognize that real life isn’t a race — the true magic lies in the quality, sustainability and longevity of the finished product, and within each step along the way. That is true luxury.

Misahara’s Soccer Venture

Designing jewelry is not the only thing Lepa is passionate about. Giving back to her community plays a huge role in her life, and this time she has turned that passion into a soccer academy, the FC. Breakers. 

The future of soccer in America is here and major league soccer in the USA is proving to produce major talent. Our soccer academy, BreakersFC in the USA, are

proudly wearing the jersey with Misahara’s name across the front and center.  This is a sparkling moment in my life. What does the future hold?  Just maybe we can add one of the best academies in the USA helping the next Maradona discover his/her innate talent.” - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp


Misahara loves this planet and while we create beautiful jewelry, we also want to help preserve the place that has inspired our designs. We make every effort to remain sustainable by using recycled gold, repurposing stones, and reimagining designs on a regular basis. Dedication to preserving the planet through eco-conscious manufacturing is at the heart of our processes. Recycled gold, ethically sourced gemstones, reimaging designs and the launch of our Gold Card to eliminate paper business cards, are a few of the steps we've taken to keep the wonders of nature alive. 

"I love nature and protecting this planet is a constant mission of mine. At Misahara we are always seeking out new ways to be more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Our Gold Card, for example, was created with the intention of eliminating paper business cards. I am passionate about reimagining pieces that have sat around in my client’s jewelry boxes and transforming them into designs they will wear and love every day. Whenever possible, we find stones that some might consider scraps but I use them in our Collections, like the raw sliced diamonds in Mosaic Ice. Recycled gold is a material we are proud to use in our production. Our manufacturing partners are ethical in their practices. I find most of my inspiration, peace and joy with Mother Nature and the only way to keep her happy and beautiful is for everyone to do their small part. Misahara will continuously find new ways to be responsible in how we conduct business and I hope everyone is mindful of their daily actions that can help preserve this incredible planet called Earth." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

Made in NYC

Exquisite craftsmanship and artistry is best executed with hands-on attention to detail, this is why every design is created in NYC. New York is the City we call home and where every Misahara Collection comes to life. Regardless of where we live, what experiences we have, what we do, or what we look like, what is inescapably important to each of us is truly what makes the world go 'round.

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