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Article: Peridot Jewelry: Top 6 Ways to Wear The August Birthstone

Peridot Jewelry: Top 6 Ways to Wear The August Birthstone

Peridot Jewelry: Top 6 Ways to Wear The August Birthstone

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter - what is the August birthstone? Well, we're glad you asked 😉 August birthstone for this month is the sparkling green peridot. To celebrate this olive green stone, check out the top 5 ways to wear peridot birthstone jewelry that August's birthday people cherish the most.

Peridot Crystal - The Gem of the Sun

According to mythology, on the Topazo Island in the Egyptian Red Sea residents were ordered to collect the stones for the Pharaoh's treasury. The Egyptians called peridot the “Gem of the Sun“ as they were only able to find the Peridot at night because of the stone's brilliant green shine. A beautiful shade of green, the color of spring grass, and summer undergrowth are one of the very few gemstones that occur in only one type of the mineral olivine.

Now that we know where peridot comes from, let’s show you how to wear the August birthstone in style. Here are 5 different ways to rock peridot fine jewelry.

1. Peridot Earrings That Bring the Best in You

Another fascinating belief passed down through the ages - this stone brings the wearer power, confidence, peacefulness, and good health. It is believed that this gift from Mother Nature's heart has a remarkable ability to ward against evil spirits. On the other hand, it is said to help personal relationships and marriages succeed. This is due to the fact that it promotes positive energy while suppressing jealousy. Keeping that in mind next time, when you’re looking for a good gift idea these Stena Drop earrings will make anyone's earlobes glow.

2. Add a Pop of Color to Your Outfit with August Birthstone

When you want to keep it simple, but still make a statement, you can wear a pair of peridot gemstone earrings because they're the perfect pop of color for any outfit! The colored gemstone jewerly is instantly recognizable because of its unique hue, it almost seems to be glowing - perfect for parties and special occasions. So give your look a bold pop with these Plima green peridot crystal earrings.

3. If You Are Going to Wear a Ring, Why Not Make it Peridot Gold Ring?

Are you looking for the perfect August birthstone ring you will cherish forever? Make it even more fabulous with our Conscientious Eyes Ring and its masterful and mesmerizing design. This tear-shaped peridot and diamonds will drizzle down your hand while two pristine peridots lay between your fingers. 

In fact, the peridot is one of the most popular stones in jewelry, because it goes with so many other stones so if you want to get the perfect stacked look with a touch of peridot make sure to check out our Complete Guide to Ring Stacking to get your personal style just right.

4. The Gemstone You Should be Wearing this August and Any Other Month

If rings aren't your style and you're looking to celebrate with a piece of jewelry that's as beautiful and heartfelt as you are, look no further - meaningful birthstone stud earrings are the way to go. Being the birthstone for the month of August, Leos can benefit from bringing a beautiful piece of peridot into their life. Equally fierce and warm peridot stud earrings pair perfectly with Leo zodiac sign as they always light up the room.

5. Can Peridot be Worn by Anyone? (The Answer is YES!)

Yes!! You can wear peridot jewelry for any special occasion, it doesn't matter if your birthday is in August or not. The August birthstone can be worn in a variety of ways, from subtle and elegant to grand and spectacular. Of course, we had to give Leos a little moment to shine, but peridot is associated with the planet Mercury and ascendants of Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, and Taurus can also wear peridot stone jewelry. At the end of the day, you can wear it as fine jewelry for everyday luxury and as a reminder to take time for yourself, even during busy days. 

6. How to Wear Peridot Stone Jewelry: The Perfect Mix of Glamour and Subtlety

Peridot jewelry is famous for its bright green color, but how do you wear it? Here’s our conclusion. Just because it’s August and we’re in the midst of summer doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your peridot fine jewelry. You have so many options. If you typically wear earthy and neutral outfits, peridot jewelry can enrich your wardrobe with new vibrancy and color. To create unique and fresh styles, combine this August birthstone color with shades of green, black, grey, brown, navy blue and white/cream. Basically, you can wear it with all earth tones.  However, if you want to add some spice, mix green peridot jewelry with maroon or purple and hot pink or navy blue. Wearing this one-of-a-kind jewelry will fetch you compliments from everyone!

The peridot jewelry is certainly eye-catching, but we can’t expect anything less for August styles, don't you think?

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