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Article: Key New York Fashion Week 2023 Takeaways

Key New York Fashion Week 2023 Takeaways

Key New York Fashion Week 2023 Takeaways

September in New York City means two things: back to school and fashion week.

New York City Fashion Week is a fusion of creativity, innovation, beauty, and craftsmanship. 

And it’s where Misahara founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, gleans much inspiration for the season ahead.

Lepa’s key fashion week takeaways are centered around the designers, colors, and runway styles that sparked her creativity.

Peruse some of Lepa’s favorite Misahara pieces as you get excited… The Spring 2024 fashion moments we’re about to experience may as well be made for Misahara jewelry.


Altuzzara New York Fashion Week

Altuzarra’s Spring 2024 Collection is clean, free-flowing, and elegant. 

Designer Joseph Altuzarra cited cult horror film Rosemary’s Baby as the inspiration for this collection, which, in his words, “exudes a haunting, enigmatic allure, while anchored in everyday style and pragmatism.” The beauty in this simplicity really allows the rich colors and fluid shapes to tell a story.

Lepa’s favorite show, her imagination was glowing with ways to pair this gorgeous collection with Misahara.

First up: Bold, chunky chains.

The Misahara Chain City Collection indulges the pragmatism of the collection’s monochromatic designs, and provides a surprising and beautiful contrast with the more free-flowing, feminine designs.

gold chain with diamonds

For a striped back look, a statement ring is your best friend. Elegance, but make it fun! Misahara cocktail rings will always add a level of confidence, posh, and in this case, sparkle, to your look.

cocktail rings

To a similar effect as the cocktail ring, a cuff bracelet will always add a level of playful glamor to an elegant outfit. Misahara offers a variety of cuff bracelets in our Original Collection, Zora Collection, and more.

cuff bracelets

The free-flowing forms and motifs seen in Altuzurra’s Spring 2024 collection paint a clear homage to Mother Nature and organically tie with Misahara’s mission. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for Altuzarra, and even more excited to enhance these brilliant designs with jewelry matching in integrity.


A key fashion week takeaway will always be centered around color, regardless of the season, or which designers shined brightest. It’s exciting to uncover which colors will be making a splash into the next seasons! Lepa loves imagining how these colors will pair with the current Misahara collections and inspire new designs.

September 2023 NYFW was citrus central. The orange and yellow hues seen on the runway, from Altuzarra, to the various makeup trends seen, are inspiring Lepa to continue her work with orange opals and yellow moonstone./span>

Think bright, cheery, and unexpected.

Misahara’s ring collection features striking selections of citrine and fire opal. The Talas rings offer a variety of distinct colors, including oranges, to uplevel any look.

gemstone gold rings

Muted pastels also made a strong impression. Soft, feminine and divine. Pair with the Misahara Petal Collection for a delicate look,

gold flower jewelry

or the Chain City Collection for a serendipitous juxtaposition.

gold chain jewelry

For pastels, oranges, yellows, and so many other gorgeous colors, the color forward Misahara Mini Birthstone Collection offers variety, ease, and the fun ability to mix and match.

stud birthstone earrings

When it comes to jewelry, color is among the most important pillars. Draped in oranges, yellows, and pastel jewelry, we’ll march into Spring 2024 fashion forward.


Fashion week always debuts creative, fun, totally unique pieces, but the question at large always tends to be…

What is here to stay?

Lepa experienced the runway first hand and has some thoughts on what’s not going away, and how these trends will influence her future designs:

“From what I saw at NYFW this season, it seems like a-line silhouettes and wide legged baggy jeans with tees are here to stay. I love these looks because you can be bold with your jewelry or keep it simple and minimalistic. Imagine pairing a white blouse with baggy jeans and Chanel loafers with Misahara's Ice Reimagined Collection, this would be a stunning look. A-line fashion looks amazing with layers of Chain City or a bold colorful cocktail ring. Our Misahara Finley Clutch goes perfectly with these current fashion moments. And probably my favorite jewelry styling that is here to stay and pairs well with the runway trends are hoops and stacking your ear with studs, Misahara Minis forever."

In a world that’s more chaotic than ever, simplicity is to be cherished. And simplicity is a perfect starting point for fine jewelry. Whether you’re interested in statement jewelry or jewelry for every day, simplicity feels complete when you style it with the right jewelry. When a piece simultaneously compliments the current fashion moment, and provides an opportunity to become an heirloom, it’s nothing short of divine.

In a season that will flatter all jewelry styles, let jewelry be your paintbrush for self-expression. We are honored to bring you the variety and quality to make storytelling through jewelry truly possible.

Shop Lepa’s story in our Styled by Lepa Collection.


Our key fashion week takeaways centered around flowing, simple, color forward designs. Lepa’s standout designer, Altuzarra, provided a stunning mix of all of the above and created an exciting opportunity to showcase Misahara’s chain necklaces and bracelets, colorful gemstones, and statement bracelets and rings.

Whatever you do, don’t ditch your worn in jeans and plain white t-shirt. Not only is this the perfect canvas for fine jewelry, the laid back style has potential to be your go-to look all season long.

For us, fine jewelry is about expression versus showing off. And our key fashion week takeaways emphasize just that. As a culture, stylistically, we’ve established ourselves in a more subdued, quiet, and nuanced time. How does this reflect what we’re feeling? There’s a lot to ponder here. But rest assured the decision to honor culture, heritage, and Mother Nature with fine jewelry is a choice that will never go out of style.

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