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Article: How to Pick the Perfect Chain Jewelry for Your Style

How to Pick the Perfect Chain Jewelry for Your Style

How to Pick the Perfect Chain Jewelry for Your Style

Trend Alert! Chain jewelry is back, and we are here for it. Chain jewelry is a traditional staple, yet a trendsetter. Whether you want to wear your favorite jeans or that fancy dress you have been saving for that special occasion, our chain jewelry is the perfect addition that you need to complete your look. Chain jewelry consists of interconnected links to create pieces that can be used by themselves or as the base. Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry might seem hard or just impossible, however chain jewelry is here to stay. Chain jewelry has it all - from light to heavy, thin to thick, and long to short, chain jewelry is clean, layerable, casual, and at the same time, sophisticated.

“I love chain jewelry for many reasons but mostly because of its versatility. Chains, especially Misahara's, can be dressed down with a simple pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and a Hermès bag. Or you can wear them for more formal occasions, with a couture gown or cocktail dress. Adding the architectural look of the links to any style is perfection in my eyes!”
- Lepa Galeb - Roskopp, Misahara Founder & Designer

Whether you are a maximalist, a minimalist, or both, our chain jewelry collections are just what you need; they are versatile and simple to style. Misahara has elevated chain jewelry to the next level with our rings, necklaces, and earrings that can be used with your favorite oversized blazer, t-shirt, or formal wear. Yet, with so many options to choose from, many people struggle to choose the right chain jewelry. But do not worry; we are here to help you to look your best!

Types of Chains

There are endless types of chain link designs. Ball/Beaded chains consist of round links. This type of chain is more likely to be used for hanging a pendant. Bar and link chains typically cause more curiosity because they have a unique design. Box chain links are classically made up of box-shaped links. One of the most popular types of links are cable chains, interlocking ovals, or squares of the same size. As you can see, there are lots of different types of links found in chain jewelry! 

The Thickness of Chain Jewelry

Chain jewelry comes in many different thicknesses, from thick and heavy to small and dainty. When planning to hang a pendant on your chain, thickness needs to be considered. If the charm is small, the thinner the chain, the better. If the pendant is heavy, go with a thicker chain to prevent breaking your necklace. Chain thickness is measured in milimeters. So if you want to draw attention to a pendant and its beauty without the chain looking too bulky, you might want a thinner piece. But remember that the higher the thickness of the chain, the sturdier it is. 

Here is a comparison that can help you to visualize typical chain thickness and help you choose the chain that you need. 

  • 1.35mm = a dime
  • 1.55mm = a penny
  • 1.75mm = a quarter
  • 1.95mm = a nickel

If you are craving to play with different aesthetics, chain thickness is the way to do so. Chunky chain jewelry can give you the urban aesthetic, and medium-thickness jewelry can help you reach the clean girl aesthetic. 


You know that we adore layering, and chain jewelry is perfect for this! Here are the most common lengths of chains:

  • Choker length = 14 in. Choker sits comfortably around the neck
  • Collar length = 16 in. This length sits above your collarbone
  • Princess length = 18 in. This is the most common length in chain jewelry necklaces as it sits just perfect on your collarbone and is the best choice for adding pendants 
  • Matinee length = 24 in. The best when looking to accentuate a deep-cut top or dress as it sits right on your chest
  • Opera length = 30-36 in. Opera-length chain jewelry is usually worn when you want to wrap the necklace around twice

How to Pick the Right Chain Jewelry

You must consider your outfit, the occasion, and, most importantly, your personal style.

If you are looking for a more glamorous addition or a piece that will make people turn their heads when you go to that special occasion, look no further! The Misahara  ICE X CHAIN Collection is the perfect fusion between the timelessness of diamonds and the modernity of chain jewelry that we jewelry lovers adore. 

Chain jewelry is versatile, meaning it has endless ways to be worn because it comes in many different lengths, styles, metals, and thicknesses. You can mix and match length, thickness, and metals, or stay with your go-to type. If you are planning to play with your style or just have a playful personality, you can also explore the fun of mixing metals. Don't be afraid, mixing metals is the chic thing to do these days! 

Outfit choice is also important to take into account when choosing chain jewelry. But a great thing about chain jewelry is that it goes with anything! From jeans and a t-shirt, to a formal dress and heels, chain jewelry is the perfect accessory! For example, if you are wearing a deep-cut dress or shirt and want to accentuate your chest, layering an 18 in. and 24 in. chain necklace might be the way to go. You might choose a thick chain if you wish to wear a statement piece to add glam to your casual everyday wear. No matter your style, Misahara has the perfect chain jewelry for you. 

Chain jewelry is definitely making trends around the fashion industry. Misahara has chain jewelry for you, no matter your style and personality. If you are a little more playful, we highly encourage you to mix metals. Or if you are more minimal, stick to your go-to length and metal. Maybe you are both? In all cases, we have what you need to make the perfect addition to your style to showcase your personality. After all, chain jewelry is perfect for showcasing who you are! 

When looking for that perfect piece of jewelry for a special occasion or if you just like the timelessness of diamonds, look no further than Misahara's ICE X CHAIN Collection. If you are looking for something to wear every day or at the office, then Misahara's CHAIN CITY Collection is calling your name. No matter your style, personality, or lifestyle Misahara has the perfect chain link jewelry for you. Chain jewelry is a trend that is here to stay. There are endless ways to wear it, making you feel like the main character on any occasion, no matter what you wear!

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