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Article: Stackable Rings: Complete Guide to Ring Stacking | Misahara

gold stackable rings on multiple fingers

Stackable Rings: Complete Guide to Ring Stacking | Misahara

Rings are no longer the type of jewelry to be anchored to just one finger. They are now all over the hand, stacked together as thin sparkly bands, or squeezed between a giant gemstone cocktail ring and a pinkie finger. As with everything in fashion nowadays, there are not many ‘rules’ when it comes to stackable rings, as we all have our own taste and style, however, if you’re a newbie at ring stacking, here are a few things to consider to get you on the right path of stacking rings like a pro. 

One-Finger Stackable Rings or Multi-Finger Stacking?

Stackable rings come in a variety of shapes and forms, but before jumping onto which style grabs the most attention, let’s first discuss ways in which rings can be stacked. The two most common ways to wear stackable rings is to either stack more rings onto one finger, or to wear one or more rings on multiple fingers. It’s up to you really. Stacking multiple rings on one finger is done mostly when you want to achieve that “I’m wearing one giant ring” type of feel, whereas wearing more than one ring on different fingers is a modern and trendy way of displaying your favorite rings all at once. 

        Ring stacking                           serengeti stackable rings set

Misahara’s Ice Re-Imagined rings were made to be easily stacked together on a finger, giving it an impression of one, statement ring due to their similar design, whereas the Serengeti rings are perfect for multi-finger stacking.

Different Types of Stackable Rings

Dainty Bands

Stacking bands is probably the easiest and most common way to start your ring stacking journey. They are simple and dainty and you can use plenty of different styles to achieve the ‘stacked’ look. Don’t be afraid to mix different metals, or switch between fashion and fine jewelry. Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a few Misahara’s best-selling bands:

Statement Stackable Rings

Statement and stackable in the same sentence? Absolutely! Don’t limit yourself to just stacking simpler bands, stacked statement rings can look great as well, as long as it sits comfortably on your hand and it’s safe from scratching or sliding off your finger. Also, be mindful of the ring size and don’t get carried away where your stacked rings become stuck on your hand. 

koko statement stackable rings

Consistent Styles

Ring stacking doesn’t have to include all different rings you have ever purchased. On the contrary, stacking similar styles, or even the same rings, can be as effective. Stackable rings with similar design don’t have to go all on one finger, but can be spread out on more fingers to achieve that unified, multi-finger ring look.

Stacking Rings and Gemstones

Your hand party won’t be complete unless you introduce a pop of color to your stackable rings. Adding gemstones to the mix is the ideal way to spice it all up, and adding more than one color is highly encouraged! From elegant rose quartz to chic moonstone, the sky is the limit when picking gemstones for your stackable rings.

Engagement Rings and Stacking

It was considered taboo to even think about mixing the most important ring on your finger with other rings from your jewelry box. Lucky for all of us, that fashion rule is over. Even though many still choose to stack engagement rings with eternal bands, you can still add on other meaningful rings to them, such as anniversary rings or other important milestones.

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