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Article: Sapphire vs Diamond: Which Gemstone is Right for You?

Sapphire vs Diamond: Which Gemstone is Right for You?

Sapphire vs Diamond: Which Gemstone is Right for You?

Two gemstones both alike in dignity: 

  1. The September birthstone: The rich, royal blue sapphire. 
  2. And the April birthstone: The timeless, brilliant diamond.

The sapphire vs. diamond comparison has riddled many.

Both of these precious stones have captured our hearts and imaginations. Along with ruby and emerald, they comprise the “Big 4” precious gemstones in jewelry. Both exist in a variety of colors; And they’re two of the most popular engagement ring options.

If you could choose just one of these stunning stones, which would you pick?

Sapphire vs. Diamond: It’s on!



The September birthstone, sapphire, most popular for its alluring blue color, has long been a popular choice for fine jewelry, and for great reasons.

Coming in at a 9 on the Mohs Scale, a system that rates the hardness of minerals, sapphire is remarkably durable. And to the surprise of some, sapphire color variations are vast. Sapphires can be pink, purple, even orange, yellow, green, and white/clear (similar to diamond). 

Heated vs. Unheated Sapphires

A sapphire’s clarity is often related to whether it is heated, or unheated.

Heated sapphire vs. unheated sapphire is a debate entirely of its own, but it is important to note the difference. Sapphires are commonly heated in an oven or furnace to permanently enhance color and improve clarity. 

Unheated sapphire, on the other hand, generally has a less reflective surface, offering a cloudy look. These are rarer and more expensive.

Here’s what jewelry content creator and gemstone wholesaler, Julia Hackman Chafé said in a recent Instagram reel discussing heated vs. unheated sapphires:

“Heating is the most common treatment for natural sapphires. It’s done to improve the color and/or clarity of a sapphire. 95-99% of sapphires on the market are heated. How does heating affect value? Well it depends on the size of the sapphire, the clarity of the sapphire, the cutting of the sapphire, and the color of the sapphire. But unheated sapphires typically cost around 50-100% more than heated sapphires. How can you tell the difference? Unheated sapphires usually have a certain level of haziness that heated sapphires do not.” 

Sapphire's Spiritual and Mythical Significance

In either case, the blue sapphire is considered to be a third-eye chakra gemstone. This means it is connected to spirituality, intuition, creativity and imagination, bringing luck, loyalty, and happiness. 

Sapphire has a long history of mythical benefits. In ancient times, it was thought that the stone could cure all problems related to eyesight, among other ailments. It was common to see blue sapphire close to people’s faces, or whatever body part they were trying to heal.

Like the deep, endless blue ocean, blue sapphire brings calm, peace of mind, and acceptance.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings have become increasingly popular, which is important to note in the sapphire vs. diamond debate. We all know the old adage, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” and a blue sapphire engagement ring certainly checks the “something blue” box. And with excellent durability, sapphires can be forever too.

Let’s say you’ve already debated sapphire vs. diamond, and you’ve decided sapphire is the way to go. Maybe you’re a September baby, or the richness in color gives sapphire the edge for you.

Sapphire earrings are a beautiful way to keep the benefits of the stone, including good judgement and strong imagination, close to your cerebral matter.

Sapphire Jewelry Choices

mini sapphire earrings

Misahara Mini Sapphire earrings are a perfect choice for everyday luxury, and make creating the perfect earring stack a breeze. If your birthday is in September, even better!

Allow the stone to work its magic on your heart and soul as you adorn yourself with a sapphire necklace. 

Misahara Mini Necklaces allow you to creatively tell your story with our entire Mini 14k gold and gemstone collection. PS. if you just can’t chose between sapphire vs. diamond, create a piece with both!

mini sapphire necklace

Sapphire bracelets allow you to engage with this powerful stone on your hands.

The Misahara Duga Slip-On Bangle is all sapphires, all day. Let the profound nature of this stone help you work, travel, and relax.

If you’re leaning sapphire in this sapphire vs. diamond debate, you’ve nothing to be blue about (nod nod, wink wink). It’s a remarkable, captivating stone. 



Who could deny that the April birthstone, diamond, is one of the most iconic symbols of love?

We certainly can’t, nor would we want to.

One of earth’s greatest, most sought-after gifts, the diamond is a timeless, versatile, and magnificent stone. 

Perhaps the most notable of the diamond gemstone characteristics is that it’s almost immune to scratches and damage. They don’t say “diamonds are forever” for nothing! A 10 on the Mohs scale, the diamond is considered the hardest material on earth.

Understanding the 4Cs of Diamonds

  1. Diamond Cut: The shape and proportion of a diamond

  2. Diamond Clarity: The visibility of a diamond’s imperfections

  3. Diamond Color: The color of a diamond, on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow)

  4. Diamond Carat: The weight of a diamond

Generally speaking, the more color-less, clear, and higher carat, the more valuable the diamond. 

Ethical Considerations: Conflict-Free Diamonds

It is also monumentally important to make sure that any diamonds you are purchasing are conflict-free and sustainable. In 2002, the jewelry industry teamed up with worldwide governments and human rights groups to establish the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This prevents the sale of conflict diamonds and regulates 99% of the rough diamond supply worldwide. 

Symbolically, the dazzling diamond promotes love, emotional growth and a unifying of the body and mind. 

Versatility of Diamonds

The diamond has a long history in pop culture, from Marilyn Monroe’s diamond dripped performance of “Diamonds are a Girls’ Best Friend” to the original James Bond theme song performed by Shirley Bassey, this stone has captured our imaginations for years. And as the Romans said, “Cupid’s arrow is tipped in diamonds.”

Seeing the supreme popularity of the diamond engagement ring, the Romans were onto something.

The diamond offers more versatility than simply being a stone for engagement rings, however. While this probably isn’t making the sapphire vs. diamond choice any easier, diamonds also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. As the stunning centerpiece, or a perfect embellishment, diamonds uplevel any jewelry piece.

Sparkling Diamond Jewelry Choices

Love yourself by adding some serious sparkle to your everyday earring stack. The April birthstone Diamond Cluster Mini is elegant, yet striking (as any diamond jewelry piece should be).

mini diamond studs

Or dive into the Misahara Zora Collection, starring dazzling white diamonds inspired by another of Earth’s marvels: sunrises.

white diamond jewelry

For the clear as ice diamond drip, you’ll love the Misahara Re-Imagined Collection. Here, we creatively place icy princess-cut diamonds in solid 18k white gold for a look that’s as cool as it gets.

18k white gold and diamond jewelry

With so much to adore about one of nature’s most precious stones, the diamond is a clear (no pun intended) choice to celebrate life, love, and the marvels of our planet.

But when it comes to sapphire vs. diamond, the choice is far more personal. Let’s dive in.


Hopefully you’re now feeling up to speed on the main characteristics of sapphire and diamond jewelry.

Both are remarkable, but there are many differences worth noting that may affect your buying choice.

1. Hardness and Durability

In terms of hardness, when it’s sapphire vs. diamond, diamond wins by a pinch.

Diamond is a 10 on the Mohs Scale. Sapphire is a 9. While there’s only one degree of difference, the diamond squeezes by as the harder, therefore more durable stone. The sapphire’s 9 is still remarkable, so rest assured, your fine jewelry sapphire will also be durable.

2. What about color and sparkle?

The reflective index of a diamond is higher than that of a sapphire, meaning more sparkle. So in terms of sparkle, diamonds win again.

But since sapphires reflect less light, they exhibit richer, deeper colors. 

Naturally, sapphires are valued for their color, while diamonds are valued for their brilliance. The blue sapphire is the most valuable of all sapphire colors, while the clearer (more reflective) the diamond, the more valuable. 

The diamonds’ most popular color is white, but pink, yellow, black, brown, and even blue diamonds are also found in nature. Sapphires exist in every color except red. 

When it comes to color, we’ve gotta hand it to the Sapphire.

Of course there’s your birthday, or the birthday of your loved ones, to consider. If you’re shopping for personalized birthstone jewelry, September’s sapphire will bring clarity and peace. April’s diamond will bring love and abundance.

3. Personal Preferences

The number one factor to consider when choosing a gemstone is, drumroll please…your own personal taste.

In the case of sapphire vs. diamond: Do you want a gemstone that expresses your individual style, enhancing a certain look, with a striking, memorable color? Or do you want a stone that’s more about the sparkle?

Even so, choosing a gemstone based on personal preference can still be overwhelming.

If you’re currently shopping for an engagement ring, you might be having the Sapphire vs. Diamond conundrum. The Misahara High Noon ring fabulously incorporates both impressive white diamonds, and striking blue sapphire, offering the best of both worlds.

Birthstone affinity is certainly something to consider in gemstone choice; But remember, it doesn’t have to be your birth month for that birthstone to hold significance for you. Wearing the birthstones of your loved ones is absolutely acceptable. As is wearing a birthstone just because you like it.

4. Occasions and Use

Sapphire is typically gifted on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary. Diamond is typically gifted on the 10th.

Additional factors to consider when choosing between sapphire jewelry and diamond jewelry are much the same as those to consider when buying any piece of fine jewelry: Is it for a special occasion? Is it durable? Is it ethically sourced? Is it aligned with your personal style?

Sapphire and diamond jewelry are both excellent choices for special occasions, but keep in mind that the more reflective stone, the more eye-catching.

With the sapphire’s wide variety of pronounced colors, there is something for every skin tone. Not to mention, every outfit.

While diamond takes the slight edge in terms or hardness, the sapphire is also among the most durable stones in existence.

And considering all Misahara gemstones are all ethically sourced with a focus on sustainability, there is truly no wrong choice.

When it comes to sapphire vs. diamond, the decision is yours to make.


If you’re in the market for diamond jewelry or sapphire jewelry, there is much to consider, but at the end of the day, you should feel empowered to make choices based on your personal preferences and style, knowing both stones check the boxes for beauty and durability.

Misahara offers customizable birthstone jewelry in our Misahara Mini Collection, where you can create the perfect earring stack, necklace, anklet, or new Mini Ring to tell your story. Whether it’s the sparkling April diamond, the elegant blue sapphire, or any of the twelve birthstones, we can create it all.

These stones have set our creativity aflame, and we are proud to bring you the highest quality sapphires and diamonds on the market. What’s more important than any differences between these two stones, however, is the fact that our Mother Earth has provided these gifts for us. Gifts that are nothing short of divine. 

"As a jewelry designer who began creating pieces using large natural gemstones, it's no surprise that I am enamored with sapphires and diamonds. To this day I am obsessed with the fact that our planet creates these magnificent gems that we get to love and admire.  Mother Nature is astounding and receiving a gift that was created over hundreds of years inside of the earth will always be memorable. The energy associated with these naturally formed stones is another reason why if you're able to receive or give a sapphire or diamond, that is truly something special. Let's not forget the fact that this gift is one that will last a lifetime, over generations, and there's nothing better." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara Founder and Designer

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