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Article: Butterfly Ring: Spread Your Wings and Make a Statement

Gold Butterfly Ring

Butterfly Ring: Spread Your Wings and Make a Statement

Nothing is more dreamy than the way nature's elusive beauty is captured in the shape of fine jewelry for everyday luxury. Misahara continues its authentic journey with jewelry inspired by the beauty and wonders of nature. To give you an idea, gold charms and diamond-beaded jewelry from the Serengeti collection capture the beauty of safari across beautiful landscapes showcasing how fine jewelry can be both meaningful and beautiful in a way that speaks to one’s own journey. The waves in the Adriatic Sea are like a metaphor for life and how it’s constantly changing and each piece of colored gemstone radiates light and moves with the ease and grace of its wearer. Just like nature, we too are constantly evolving and growing as a company. We go through different stages of development and each brings new opportunities with it.

Nature never ceases to amaze us with its beauty, but it's hard to capture it in a photo. But when you find the perfect piece of jewelry that shares this same sentiment, it's even more special. You’ll love adding these timeless one-of-a-kind pieces to your daily outfits in winter, spring, fall, or summer.  We can all agree that butterfly-themed jewelry is one of the most loved jewelry motives. 

Whenever we see a butterfly we can’t help but stop and admire its ephemeral beauty. It is a staple in every woman’s jewelry box and it has been around for decades. Some say when a butterfly lands on you, it brings good luck and some consider it a messenger from the spirit world. But what really is the spiritual meaning of a butterfly?

Butterfly Symbolism 

Generally speaking, the butterfly symbolizes change, a metaphor for new beginnings and hope, and it can remind us to act when the time is right. We all experience change and transformation at some point in our lives, and the butterfly symbolizes the renewed start and fresh beginning – allowing the breeze to carry us toward our new aspirations. The butterfly has always been linked to love and romance and butterfly jewelry is the perfect gift to show someone you care but is equally pretty and delicate that it can be worn anywhere. A butterfly can symbolize love and it reminds us of the beauty and fragility of life and the value of appreciating and being thankful for each moment. So why not let nature be your muse?

Butterfly Trend

Designers have been swinging back to the 2000s and the butterfly is one of the most iconic fashion trends of the 2000s. Mariah Carey is synonymous with butterflies since her album “Butterfly” topped the charts in several countries. With good reason, Carey believes this album is her greatest achievement and she started wearing a butterfly ring as a reminder of escaping the gloomy period with her wings spread wide just like a butterfly. The designers went even further with this trend in its spring 2022 collection, which included butterfly bracelets, belts, and denim tops. Butterflies came into the picture not only as one of the iconic trends of 2000s fashion but also as a symbol of metamorphosis. It's fun, fresh, and a favorite for so many celebrities - Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, and many more. Here are some famous people wearing butterfly clothes!

Butterfly Trend Celebrities

Butterfly Jewelry

If you think butterflies look magical on their own, you should see them depicted as magnificent jewelry accented by white diamonds and sapphires. Butterfly diamond jewelry is the most feminine way to wear a symbol that has meaning – wings, freedom, and beauty. Even though butterfly jewelry is unique on its own, mixing it with our other nature-inspired pieces makes it a true wonder. Paired with your favorite stunning necklaces achieve that timeless yet modern look. Or perhaps, you can elevate your style with an exclusive gold bracelet around your writs and make a statement. 

Misahara’s Petal Butterfly Rings

Butterfly jewelry is not just stunning, it's unique and symbolic. And if you're searching for a butterfly ring that is classic, elegant, and feminine at the same time, then these are the gold beautiful rings of your dreams. Making them equally incredible in nature and on your finger, Petal Butterfly Ring is a heavenly marriage of blue sapphire, and white diamonds set in 20k rose gold (perfection does exist after all!). The grace and beauty of butterflies are perfectly embodied in this amazing color and asymmetry combination of this butterfly diamond ring. The merger of flower and butterfly represents the circle of life that exists within nature - one can only fall in love with it. The gold butterfly ring is the perfect complement to any outfit. With its stunning detailing and delicate design, it's the most beautiful piece that you'll own. 

Final thoughts… A butterfly is a wonder of nature because it changes from one form to another.  Therefore, we can all agree that the symbolism of the butterfly has meaning for all of us. So bring out the butterfly in you.

If you're interested in jewelry that was inspired by nature, our jewelry designer's travels to Africa led to the creation of the most exquisite animal and celestial charms. Each charm has a symbolic meaning and functions as a work of art on its own, so feel free to check out our fine jewelry handcrafted in NYC.

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