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Article: Valentine's Day Jewelry: Gift Ideas for Him and Her (2024)

Valentine's Day Jewelry: Gift Ideas for Him and Her (2024)

Valentine's Day Jewelry: Gift Ideas for Him and Her (2024)

The month of love is upon us. That fabled day drenched in red hearts and cupid’s arrows is mere weeks away. Ladies and gentlemen…the pressure is on.

How will I find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? What can I buy for him? I don’t know what she likes. Is jewelry a cliche gift anyways?

Stop the noise, and fear not. Love is intrinsic to how we got here, who we are, and what we do as a company. Fine jewelry will always be the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, so allow us to guide your heart’s desires to the perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts for her and him. Let’s get to work!


Designing, crafting, shopping for, and wearing fine jewelry are all innately personal experiences. Naturally, shopping for another can feel overwhelming. Everyone has different style and design preferences. So, how do you pick the perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gift? (If you’re in a massive pinch, just head straight to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

1. Find out what kind of jewelry she particularly appreciates.

Each category of jewelry, be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or beyond, conveys unique meaning and benefits. Rings and bracelets offer the special ability for the wearer to interact with the jewelry on a very tactile level. Necklaces rest close to the heart, and uniquely enhance the wearer’s style by existing on the same plane as clothes. Earrings lie close to our cranial matter, endowing them with a great duty. Jewelry links everyday experiences with the divine. It’s a matter of getting to the bottom of what sparks her creatively.

2. Understand what stones and metals are important to her.

For some, mixing metals is no problem. Others may favor yellow gold, white gold or rose. Make it a safe bet and sleuth it out before purchasing.

Since our focus is Valentine’s Day jewelry, may we recommend red rubies, pink tourmalines, and pink diamonds for gemstones. Next best choice? Her birthstone. And when in doubt, classic white diamonds never, ever fail.

3. Honor your fine jewelry price point.

Fine jewelry of any price point can evoke emotion, connect our hearts and create a shared experience. It doesn’t take the most expensive piece to make someone feel loved. We are proud to offer a variety of gift options at an affordable fine jewelry price point.

The Misahara Minis are our favorite affordable fine jewelry option. These motifs and birthstones are small but mighty in sparkle and heart. With categories expanding to rings, necklaces, and more, the Misahara Minis make everyday luxury accessible.

For those shopping at a more premium price point, the Petal Collection has rich color and whimsical designs expressive of the joy of love. This collection is the flower bouquet that lives forever. The Petal Butterfly Ring, one of the finest examples of this collection’s feminine spirit, is a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift that will be cherished for generations.

And for a mid range price point, the vibrant Plima Collection has delicacies evocative of the sea on its most gentle of days. These playful, colorful gemstones are uniquely fit to tell your Valentine’s Day story. Gift the Plima Lily Studs and the Plima Pear Shaped Studs to enhance her earring stack.


Let’s take a deeper dive on some of our favorite, unexplored Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts for her. And when in doubt, or in a pinch, our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is most comprehensive.

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like hearts and flowers. And hearts and flowers we deliver.

The Misahara Mini Open Heart is a symbolic Misahara motif in a league of its own. One of the most powerful symbols of love, the heart is eternal, representing the connection of all human condition. In other words, unity. The Mini Open Heart is sweet as can be, but a force to be respected. This classic Misahara motif is available as Stud Earrings, Huggie Hoops, a Charm Necklace, a Mini Ring, and more.

Complete Cupid’s mission and enhance the Mini Open Heart with the Mini Arrow to create the most precious earring stack.

Our new pearl necklace, The Dreamy Akoya, is Misahara’s most flirtatious piece. Your choice of bezel gemstone seduces upon a strand of pristine Akoya pearls. Every woman needs a classic strand of pearls. With a keen ability to tell a story, the Dreamy Akoya is a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift for the books.

You’ve done your sleuth work and deduced she’s a white gold girl. The Ice Re-Imagined Collection is what she’s looking for. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide shines a focus on the Frosted Ice Hoop, and Dropearrings together withIce Togglebracelet.


Icy princess cut diamonds shimmer in flawless white gold. There is no more invigorating way to express eternity this Valentine’s Day.

If Misahara is your choice of Valentine’s Day jewelry, she must be a star. The Serengeti Collection’s brilliant Star Bright Necklace shines a mirror to her ambition and light. Pair with the powerful Bright Star Earrings to complete the look.

Embrace the colors of the season with the Petal and Plima Collections. As we’ve already touched on the appeal and price points of these precious lines, it’s worth noting the Valentine’s Day centric benefits of these pieces.

Pink tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, and emotional healing. Featured most notably in our Valentine’s Day Guide in the form of the Plima Pendant. Round and pear shaped pink tourmalines suspend from a diamond studded bale linking an adjustable chain of 18k rose gold. May she experience the power of these stones in a necklace sure to turn heads and spread the love.

Hot pink rubies and sapphires are a pillar of our Petal Collection. Equally impressive to the Petal Butterfly Ring is the Petal Necklace. Rubies promote love and nurturing, while pink sapphires signify elegance and compassion. May these traits work in unity to adorn your love. Diamonds, love, and flowers from the Petal Collection are forever.

By now, we hope you’re feeling confident in choosing Valentine’s Day jewelry for her. When in doubt, refer back to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. And never hesitate to ask for personalized help using our live virtual shopping feature. We’ve got you, and you’ve got this!


The only thing more challenging than selecting Valentine’s Day jewelry for her might be selecting Valentine’s Day jewelry for him. While jewelry can feel so female centric, we promise, fine jewelry is a powerful gift for him, representative of a brick in his legacy. May he too experience the power of expression through jewelry.

Embrace his posh side with a set of sublime Misahara cufflinks. Especially created for car enthusiasts, may we recommend our Spinning Wheels Cufflinks or Rolling Onyx Cufflinks. A phenomenal display of passion and exceptional taste. These are unlike anything he owns.

But our most bespoke Valentine’s Day gift for him finds itself in the Love Story Necklace. ​​

love story necklace gift for him

An exclusive Misahara chain crafted of 14k gold, studded with interchangeable charms of diamonds and gemstones showcase an engravable ID tag to create a look that’s quintessential Misahara. This piece transcends by offering a look into what makes our heart beat. An upscale take on a charm necklace, the Love Story Necklace is stylish, meaningful, unique and highly personal. A gift of art and heart is something he will always remember.

Every true gentleman needs a luxury lapel pin to take his favorite suit jacket to the next level. For an eye catching, fantastic pop of color, may we recommend the vibrant ruby Stena Lapel Pin. Make him feel profoundly loved and appreciated with the Crown Lapel Pin. This piece is fit for royalty.

Fine jewelry for Valentine’s Day will always be in vogue. Don’t let the overwhelm of options get the better of you. Refer back to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and make his or her Valentine’s Day jewelry dreams come true. And if you’re thinking of making it personalized…



Fine jewelry that speaks to his or her story endows precious materials with a sense of individuality, spunk, and something specific to self, yet universal to all.

The Misahara Initial Necklace is our take on the traditional initial necklace. With lettering evolved from our signature Misahara font, this necklace is star studded with a pristine marquise diamond charm and diamond encrusted jump ring, all suspended from a 14k gold chain. Level up her current initial necklace, or gift the initial necklace she’s always dreamed of. The Misahara Initial Necklace is unlike any other iteration of this classic, beloved design.

While the premium level Love Story Necklace offers the most personalization, we offer a variety of more cost accessible personalized necklaces. The Misahara Mini 3 or 5 Charm Necklace allows you to tell your story with emblematic charms and birthstones. Choose stones representative of your family, or love story, or choose the motifs that hold the most significance. These necklaces are primed for luxurious everyday expression.

The aforementioned Dreamy Akoya allows a flirtatious level of personalization with a seductive bezel gemstone of your choice front and center. A nuanced level of play is created with finest rare materials. The luster of the Akoya pearl is uniquely fit for the delicate, heartfelt feel of this special holiday.

When it comes to a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift, presentation and personalization is integral to the integrity of the gift itself. We will happily wrap your Valentine’s Day gift and include a personalized note. Going the extra mile is simply a part of what we do.


Fine jewelry reins the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. Whether for her or him, a gift of precious materials that will last a lifetime is so much more than something you can wear. It’s an emotional gesture of love, and moreover, an investment. Fine jewelry speaks to heritage, story, and passion. And provides a precious heirloom for future generations. Fine jewelry can speak what words cannot.

"Fine jewelry has been considered a powerful and meaningful way to express love for many reasons. In my opinion, this is due to its enduring nature, the symbolism of gifting the pieces, and the personal touch it can carry through customization. The exclusivity and rarity of the fine metals and gemstones make the gift feel unique and special. As well, the tradition of using jewelry as gifts for special occasions contribute to its timeless appeal as a love expression." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

For those who don’t know the story of Misahara’s origins, the entire ethos of our company stems from the true love rooted in fine jewelry gifts. Founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp loved the heartfelt intention behind jewelry her husband gifted her, but felt the pieces could communicate something much more personal. So she began reimagining them to more adequately express her story. Discovering a new passion, Lepa founded Misahara with the loving support of her husband. A love story in a brand, we welcome you into our world of precious materials of love.

This Valentine’s Day, let your love be known with the most heartfelt and personal of designs.

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