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Article: Wear it like Taylor Swift: Diamond Hoop Earrings

Wear it like Taylor Swift: Diamond Hoop Earrings

Wear it like Taylor Swift: Diamond Hoop Earrings

What’s a girl gonna do? A diamond’s gotta shine…
Ultimate It Girl, Taylor Swift, acknowledged the fact herself in hit song, Bejeweled: Sparkle is something she understands all too well.

Having never left the spotlight since she first entered it, Taylor has consistently carried herself with grace and style. Particularly in jewelry. While she’s clearly drawn to deeply personal, symbolic jewelry (case in point: her Superbowl jewelry), and certainly unafraid to mix metals, we’ve been particularly drawn to one specific Taylor Swift jewelry look: The diamond hoop earring.

Join us as we dissect some of our favorite Taylor Swift diamond hoop earring looks, and get to the heart of what makes these two entities so lastingly popular. We’ll prime you to rock your diamond hoops like a popstar.


We are honored that Misahara has been chosen by celebrity clientele for both momentous occasions and the regular day to day. Throughout years of adorning the stars, we’ve learned that some famous folk embody quiet luxury, while some prefer making a statement. We’ve always admired Taylor Swift’s ability to gracefully combine the two, while remaining true to her natural sense of feminine, classic style with an edgy twist.

This January, Taylor rejoiced on the football field with boyfriend, Travis Kelce, on the Kansas City Chiefs’ AFC championship win against the Baltimore Ravens. She rocked an adorable pair of diamond huggie hoops adorned with an opal charm - surely signifying Travis’s October birthstone. Shop the Misahara Mini Huggies to emulate Taylor’s iconic football field glow - or opt for some Opal birthstone Mini studs.

Taylor Swift snd Travis Kelce Superbowl

When crowned Time Magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year, Taylor donned none other than a diamond hoop earring. What makes this cover so fun is her mixing and matching - a diamond huggie hoop and charm in one ear, and a chain earring connecting multiple piercings in the other. We love mix and matching earrings, especially our signature collectible Misahara Minis. Self expression is the heart of fine jewelry, and what better way to keep your story close than to adorn yourself with emblematic motifs and gemstones. Whether for magazine cover, or your regular daily life, choosing jewelry is a sentimental, emotional experience.

In the music video for Midnights era mega hit single, “Anti-Hero,” Taylor’s dark side alter ego dons gorgeous diamond hoop earrings, not dissimilar from the Misahara Zeta Hoop.

Speaking of the Zeta Hoops…Taylor’s a fan. The Misahara Zeta Hoops radiate brilliance from every angle, uniquely suited for the red carpet. This is the pinnacle of a diamond hoop earring. While Taylor opted for a spectacular August birthstone green peridot, these earrings can be crafted with the gemstone of your choice. A marvel of modern jewelry design, these earrings bring a whole new meaning to the word “bejeweled.”

Taylor Swift wearing hoop earrings

The once in a generation mega star dons the diamond hoop earrings style with genuine confidence and grace. But you don’t have to be a Grammy Award winning singer songwriter to achieve this level of jewelry finesse.


Make this the year you step into your diamond hoop earring era…

Let’s dive into some ways to elevate your stack with the earring that never goes out of style.

1. Misahara Mini Huggie Hoops

2023 came with multiple innovations to our best selling Misahara Mini collections, including the launch of the Misahara Mini Huggies.

A mainstay style in Taylor Swift’s jewelry collection, huggie hoops are mini hoop earrings that may even just barely graze the earlobe. Misahara Mini Huggie Hoops are handcrafted 14k diamond studded or solid gold and finished with a charm of your choice. Taking cue from Taylor’s 2023 Time Magazine Person of the Year cover, we’re big fans of mix and matching charms and styles across ears, imbuing these pieces with immense storytelling potential. Designed for everyday luxury, these earrings will seamlessly take you from busy work days to evening commitments, making you feel as effortlessly chic as Tay.

2. Misahara Pillow Hoops

Speaking of 2023 innovations…the Misahara diamond tubular hoops, fondly known as our Pillow Hoops, are a miracle of design. You will not often find a diamond hoop earring like this. A tubular body of solid gold is molded into a hoop and studded with pristine white diamonds. An unassumingly complex jewelry design that is shockingly lightweight, the Pillow Hoops are truly one of a kind. Make a splash with the larger 30mm size, or opt for the smaller, 15mm size for day in and day out. We love these stacked with Misahara Minis for ultimate sparkle.


3. Zeta Hoops

Taylor Swift jewelry favorite, the Misahara Zeta Hoops, are a new level of glam. Available in a variety of gemstones, see Taylor’s choice of the soft green peridot, these gemstone hoop earrings are truly brilliant. Like the Pillow Hoops, or any Misahara design for that matter, pieces of this caliber are not commonplace. Drawing on the playful prismatic spectrum of Earth’s sunrises, these earrings are not just another example of Taylor’s impeccable taste in jewelry, but a greater homage to our planet. These hoops, as seen on Taylor Swift, are built for breathing a sense of confidence into a lived-in, everyday look, or for making a special occasion all the more impactful.

4. Zora Hoops

Zora Collection sister to the Zeta Hoops, are the Zora Hoops, engraved 18k gold hoop earrings embedded with dainty white diamonds representing the twinkling dawn. These are the ideal everyday luxury diamond hoop earring. Comfortable yet chic, these bring great sophistication to each and every day.

5. Frosted Ice Hoop Earrings

For the white gold girls, we love the Frosted Ice Hoop Earrings. These light as a feather 18k white gold hoop earrings feature a princess-cut diamond charm surrounded by a pave diamond halo that swings with every move you make. A lover of the charmed hoop earring, this is a design fit for the likes of T Swift. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals and gemstones, and pair these with Misahara Minis.


For those with multiple piercings, round out any diamond or gemstone hoop earring look with a stud, or a smaller hoop. With this earring style being such an integral part of Taylor Swift’s jewelry collection, we encourage enthusiasts to try it out for themselves. You’ll likely understand why the look consistently stays in the popstar’s jewelry rotation - timeless yet bold. Effortlessly flattering. A look metaphorically echoing Taylor’s entire career. Every jewelry box needs a pair of diamond hoops.


It’s no surprise Taylor Swift’s jewelry centers around looks so timeless yet striking. In a sense, the juxtaposition existing within a diamond hoop earring is everything that has made Taylor Swift who she is: America’s sweetheart, yet the envied antihero. Quiet beginnings turned to astronomical riches. A girl impossible to break, singing about love and loss. A dazzling twist on a classic. Shapeshifters who can play to any style and era. Made of the hardest materials known to man. Diamond hoop earrings were made for Taylor Swift.

Like Taylor Swift, diamond hoop earrings have remained so popular for their ability to transcend trends and communicate something far more personal. Diamonds are the most sophisticated and classic way to enhance a design. Therefore, diamond hoop earrings represent something posh yet relatable. Everyone looks good wearing hoop earrings. With the ability to make the regular feel remarkable, Taylor Swift and diamond hoops are magicians.


Taylor Swift has influenced every facet of culture for almost twenty years. With each passing award show appearance, music video, live performance, and walk down the street, her style choices have been on display and open for discussion.

We are so honored that Taylor has chosen Misahara. (PS. In addition to the gemstone studded Zeta Hoops, she’s been spotted in the pink sapphire Korali Ring, and the Zora Double Unity Ring).

Taylor Swift wearing a ring

Our jewelry has been adored by those in the public eye since we first opened our doors. It is our privilege to adorn those at the top of their profession with nuanced designs, connecting something personal from founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, to the world. Lepa had to say of the experience:

"It never gets old seeing star studded celebs wearing Misahara. I feel flattered by the fact that they have access to many brands and really can have anything they want to wear but they chose Misahara. It's a feel-good moment, for sure."

For those inspired by Taylor Swift’s jewelry, or simply in love with the flattering diamond hoop earring style, we invite you to explore the world of Misahara earrings.

Build your legacy with fine jewelry that is the makings of living legends.


More info on diamond hoop earrings?

Not sure if diamond hoop earrings are your thing? Curious how to style it with other pieces in your collection?

Book a free Virtual Consultation Session here. Chat with one of our stylists and get all of your questions answered.

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