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Article: Just Arrived I The Story Behind Our New Everyday Luxury Pieces

akoya pearl necklace

Just Arrived I The Story Behind Our New Everyday Luxury Pieces

Misahara Jewelry was founded upon one woman’s eye for reimagined beauty. 

For those who don’t know the story of our beginnings, Misahara founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp loved the heartfelt intention of the jewelry her husband gifted her, but tended to find the pieces, often mass-produced, somewhat impersonal. With a thoughtful artist’s eye, Lepa started reimagining the jewelry to tell a more nuanced story. Discovering a new talent, she fell in love, and what would follow is a full scale woman owned and operated fine jewelry line creating timelessly unique pieces to tell your story.

Since opening with our Original Collection in 2013, we’ve grown to feature a dozen collections and counting, all made with the same loving integrity that started it all.

While most of the fashion industry is built for and around women, possessing a female founder and designer is not quite commonplace. Crafted through the lens of an adventurous, environmentally focused entrepreneur, our pieces have the innate ability to honor that which makes women beautiful.

Come with us as we take a deep dive into Lepa’s inspirations in creating Misahara’s newest pieces for everyday luxury.


Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

Lepa Galeb-Roskopp is the creative visionary of Misahara.

The daughter of a diplomat, unity is integral to her entire being. Our signature Unity Triangle is featured across all collections to emphasize the commonalities in all human existence. What is inescapably important to each one of us is what makes this world spin.

Inspiration is everywhere for Lepa - family, nature and travels being of utmost importance.

Lepa understands designing jewelry as an inherently emotional experience. With her work, she asks one question: “How does your jewelry make you feel?”

The art of designing and wearing jewelry is far more refined than showing off something that glitters. It’s a detailed expression of emotion on part of the designer, and guides the wearer in conveying their authentic self. Our design philosophy has always been feeling first. The result is undoubtedly chic handcrafted pieces with a timeless appeal. Everyday luxury. Each and every one of Mishara’s pieces begins on Lepa’s sketch pad, and then is handcrafted in New York City using ethically and sustainably sourced gold and gemstones through ethical partners like Gemfields. Supporting the international communities that make these designs possible is of utmost importance, as is protecting the environment through sustainable business practices. Shopping Mishara is a personal and transparent experience you don’t often find elsewhere.

Let’s examine the newest Misahara delicacies through Lepa’s exacting eye.


akoya pearls necklace

"I really believe nothing is sexier or more elegant than a white pearl and I had to make this new necklace we're calling, Dreamy Akoya. Akoya pearls have an unmatched luster and adding the diamond or gemstone of your choice as the centerpiece makes this Misahara piece another modern yet timeless design." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

Our newest creation, The Dreamy Akoya, is a necklace crafted of perfect Akoya pearls, featuring a bezel gemstone of your choice to bring balance and dimension to the overall look.

From the Akoya oyster, the Akoya pearl is considered most desirable for jewelry, and it’s easy to understand why. Perfectly spherical, velvety white pearls shine with a glossy, mirror-like luster…when you think of pearls, these are what you’re thinking of.

Primarily harvested in Japan, Akoya oysters produce up to two pearls per harvest season, every 10 to 18 months. The harvest process is intricate, requiring great attention to detail. These factors put Akoya pearls at a higher price point.

This holiday season, the Dreamy Akoya was born of a desire to honor the ocean, an endless source of inspiration for Lepa, and in doing so, create the definitive pearl necklace. Every woman needs a classic strand of pearls.


mini huggie earrings with charms

Since their launch in 2020, the Misahara Minis have become a beloved Misahara collection, with a loyal base of clients eagerly awaiting each month’s new Mini drop. Yes, we drop a new Mini every month!

2023 has been synonymous with innovation. In addition to launching an entirely new Mini category this year (hello, Mini Rings!),we’ve launched a new Mini earring design: the Misahara Mini Huggies.

Small but mighty, huggie hoops have had a huge year, and we are loving it. It’s a great honor to launch an earring both in sync with the times, yet timeless. With countless ways to customize, these huggie hoops are intended to tell your story. Choose your desired 14k gold motif to suspend from a solid or diamond studded yellow, rose, or white gold hoop. Mix, match, and stack: You’re well on your way to speaking your truth.

If there’s anyone who can walk the delicate balance of versatile and exquisite, it’s Lepa. And Misahara is a brand that defines this elusive line. Every Mini Motif is personal to Lepa, whether it’s representative of her travels, representative of her deeply personal relationship with nature, or a meditation on her heritage and family. It’s easy to feel the love these pieces have to offer. As fine as these earrings are, they’re designed to travel with you as you paint your life, as demonstrated by Lepa day in and out. Never afraid to get her hands dirty, you can find Lepa sporting a stack of Minis on her most exuberant of journeys…an earring stack that colors a greater picture of life itself. This is everyday luxury.


diamond charm necklace

Perfectly poised in Misahara’s quest to dissect how your jewelry makes you feel are our new Diamond Charms.

For those inclined to wear the same go-to pieces day in and out, the Diamond Charms offer a great opportunity to rediscover something tried and true to more accurately communicate your current truths.

A diamond drenched or solid 14k yellow, rose or white gold bail supports a brilliant charm that can be attached to necklaces, bracelets, even earrings. Lepa often styles the Diamond Charms on the Love Story Necklace.

Lepa’s vision for Misahara has always centered around appreciating fine jewelry for so much more than an opportunity to impress. Fine jewelry is a vessel of love, carrying with it the truth of our heart. Every piece worth having carries a story. We are always seeking new ways to unify - to connect our stories to one another. The Diamond Charms offer the adaptability and openness to transformation, that is synonymous with everyday luxury. Allow us to enhance your storytelling toolbox.


diamond drop necklace

A goal of 2023 was to experiment with fresh spins on some of our most adored best selling pieces. Case in point, the Plima Drop with Diamonds. Like the Dreamy Akoya is of pearl necklaces…this is the quintessential diamond necklace.

Ultra feminine pear shaped diamonds are suspended from an adjustable 18k gold chain, creating a look that’s both modern and classic.

Taking note from the pink tourmaline Plima Drop Necklace, the Plima Drop with Diamonds catches every ray of light, flattering your décolletage for a supremely elegant look.

Lepa’s Misahara exists to create jewelry that is a mainstay throughout life’s unpredictable journey. We aim to get to the heart of a design. You’ll not often remember what you looked like…but you will remember how you felt. Adorn yourself with jewelry that makes you feel something.

Nostalgia, softness, harmony…What does the Plima Drop with Diamonds evoke for you? How does this necklace make you feel?


Fine jewelry is meant to be worn and adored. Whether you’re globetrotting, spending quiet time with family, navigating life’s ups and downs, or stepping into a new chapter, we believe you should do so with graceful pieces that make you feel alive in the moment. More than expression of self, it’s an extension of self. The ability to pass down an emblematic piece for generations is one of life’s most satisfying.

"Every Misahara design has a story and as it follows our clients on their life's journey it elevates the sentimental value of the piece. I see my designs as meaningful additions to special moments in the wearer's life and companions that enhance and celebrate every significant moment. All this adds to the intangible value of the jewelry as an heirloom that can be passed down for generations to come." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

The unmatched balance of luxury and practicality present in Misahara designs cannot be emphasized enough. Our jewelry is designed to be a part of your life.


With the yearning for unity integral to the Misahra brand, Lepa draws inspiration from the world’s remote natural wonders and bustling cities alike. Inspiration is everywhere and the magic is in creating pieces that mimic earth’s natural balancing act.

With this, we’ve made New York City our creative hub. No where else can you find the melting pot of cultures, languages, and spirituality New York has to offer.

For New York City locals, or those inclined to travel, our New York City showroom is at your service. Shopping for fine jewelry is an intimate experience that is always superior in person. Sip champagne while you bask in city views, share your story with our knowledgeable, thoughtful staff and allow them to guide you toward your heart’s desires.

Jewelry crafted in New York City carries a level of confidence and elegance that is spiritually noticeable. This city is a jewelry designer’s dream.

The Chain City Collection further explores this city’s marvels, alongside other cities that have captured Lepa’s heart and imagination.


We invite you to discover our newest pieces, the Dreamy Akoya, the Mini Huggies, the Diamond Charms, and the Plima Drop with Diamonds for yourself. It would be our honor to welcome you into the world of Misahara, via our New York City showroom, or our real time virtual shopping experience.

Of the times yet timeless, these are pieces you will wear now and into eternity. As you grow with these pieces, they will meld to you. Discover your new signature look.


With a unique upbringing of vast travel, intimate bondinging with Mother Nature, and exposure to the unity of all humankind, Lepa would be remiss not to use these profound experiences to create fashion’s most precious: fine jewelry. The result is everyday luxury - unique, wearable pieces that bond Lepa’s story with yours.

Never mass-produced, but handcrafted by New York City artisans, each of Misahara’s pieces is truly unique, and simply put, special.

As an artist’s compulsion is to create, rest assured 2024 will be a year of further revolution to enhance your journey called life, in the most gorgeous of ways.

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