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Article: From Achievements to Aspirations: Misahara's 2023 Journey and the Year Ahead

Misahara's 2023 Journey and the Year Ahead

From Achievements to Aspirations: Misahara's 2023 Journey and the Year Ahead

Let the sunshine in: A new dawn is here. 

Happy 2024! It is a great honor to enter this new era with our beloved Misahara community. 

The past year saw innovation, growth, collaboration and profound beauty. New designs were just the beginning: An ever growing partnership with Ferrari, a trunk show at Bergdorf Goodman, travels abroad, and building community through giving back all set the stage for a thoroughly lived in year.

Ever evolving is this life. We are humbled to have you by our side as we dive into a new chapter. Come with us as we celebrate the triumphs, bonds and treasured moments of 2023 and look ahead to a luxurious new year. We’re so happy you’re here.


Who we are is a reflection of who we align ourselves with. Such is true in life and business. And we align ourselves with some truly fantastic partners.

Ferrari North America

Since 2017, Misahara has been the official fine jewelry partner of Ferrari North America. An extraordinary partnership that continues to expand, Ferrari has created a truly hospitable environment for quality, sustainability, craftsmanship and legacy. An exemplary luxury brand, we are humbled to walk in step with Ferrari’s standards. The past year cultivated many a triumph, and Ferrari will welcome us into their 2024 story, for a year of continued achievement through collaboration.

Breakers FC

Misahara founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp believes every child deserves the support needed to develop their talents to the highest potential. Her philanthropy work in the world of soccer continued last year through her eco-sustainable soccer academy, Breakers FC, of which Misahara is a proud sponsor. The Breakers continue to move toward professional status, as the goal has always been to create a clear player pathway to pro. The acquisition of FC Martigues soccer league in France provides significant support for the goals of the academy. In the spirit of unity essential to that which Misahara stands for, it’s a privilege to be able to support young athletes in their journey toward becoming well rounded citizens of the world.

citizen of the world

The daughter of a diplomat, travel is Lepa’s only way of life. Immersing herself in new cultures is a constant source of introspection and inspiration. 2023 saw travels across Africa, Montenegro, France, and more.

With every voyage comes new ideas for timeless designs.

Spending summers on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro, Lepa allows the region’s gentle waves to guide her heart’s pen in drafting designs as steadfast as the ocean. The inspiration behind the colorful Plima Collection, the soft Zora Collection, and more, Montenegro is intrinsic to the story of Misahara. As will the Serengeti.

A divine display of colorful enamel, white diamonds and emblematic celestial charms, the Serengeti Collection exudes the breathtaking beauty and whimsical nature of the African savanna. For Lepa, creating this precious collection is only one pillar in her efforts to connect to the complicated and fantastic continent of Africa. The True Cause Foundation was founded in 2016 to benefit African children in need, most specifically to receive a better education.

The greatest inspiration comes from a life well led. Staying open to Mother Earth’s invaluable gifts can influence a whole lifetime of design. This is how we imagine Misahara in the day to day. Our version of everyday luxury centers around jewelry that speaks to an authentic, heartfelt life.


2023 saw the expanding of our retail alliances with renowned boutiques across America. It’s been an honor to be featured in these prestigious, carefully curated collections.

This past year, you could find Misahara at Fig A, a lifestyle boutique with a focus on movement and mindfulness, Atelier d’Emotion, a New York City based jewelry gallery and boutique, and Four Seasons Maui, premiere resort on the pristine sands of Hawaii’s beloved island. And famed New York luxury department store: Bergdorf Goodman.

Bergdorf Goodman

A thrilling highlight of the year centered around the Misahara trunk show at renowned New York City department store, Bergdorf Goodman. Synonymous with excellence, being in the retail mix this past fall was the pinnacle of what any luxury jewelry company could hope for.

The show kicked off with a launch party hosted by Lepa, where she shared champagne, inspirations, and stories of travel with patrons.

Misahara’s bespoke collection with Jeffrey Levinson is another partnership we are so very proud of.

Enter: The Misahara Finley Clutch, a one-of-a-kind, fully customizable bag designed by Lepa and Jeffrey Levinson.

Choose your colors, hardware, gold, gemstones, enamel and textures for a bag that defines luxury. Encompassing the duo’s passion for beauty and technical excellence, the Misahara Finley Clutch is the apex of design and craftsmanship.

The joys, challenges, triumphs and disappointments of the year all breathe life to new designs. As an artist’s compulsion is to create, Lepa’s mind is always on evolution. More on Misahara 2024 to come…


Earth’s poignant experiences make Misahara what it is. We seek to honor our home with sustainable and equitable business practices. 2023 saw great developments toward our fight for the planet and what’s right.

From partnerships with Gemfields, a UK based emerald and ruby mine that makes tremendous efforts to give back to the local areas in Africa the gemstones are sourced from, to our elimination of paper business cards…Lepa understands that if we don’t take care of this planet and each other, there is no future.

Breakers FC, Lepa’s soccer academy sponsored by Misahara in Santa Cruz, California is at the forefront of sustainability. Lepa’s mission was to build a completely eco sustainable academy to responsibly give all students a fair shot at going pro. Soccer is proven to keep kids off the streets, and this is a way of doing tremendous good both for the community, and the planet.

As Lepa’s travels continue to expand horizons, she would love to bring a version of this to Africa one day. We believe a better education and life is possible for these underserved children, and it is our duty to give back to the people and places that have given us so much. More to come in 2024 and beyond.


Lepa Galeb Roskopp

As Lepa lives her story, there will always be inspiration for fresh, new pieces that exude the everyday luxury of telling your story.

The astonishing Pillow Hoops were unveiled after six months of development this year. A lightweight diamond studded tubular hoop: You will not find many other trendy hoop earrings like this on the market.

The ever growing Misahara Mini Collections welcomed an entirely new category of Mini as well as a new Mini earring design.

The Misahara Mini Rings exemplify everyday luxury and the quiet luxury everyone seems to be talking about. A new pillar in our best selling Mini Collections - the fully personalized Mini Rings will bring elegant charm to your daily ring stack.

The famed Mini studs never seem to leave the spotlight. So we decided they needed a hoop earring companion. 2023 welcomed the Mini Huggies. With hoop earrings of all shapes and sizes winning last year, we developed a way for your favorite 14k gold Mini motifs to be utilized in a new way. Stack these with the classic minis for the definitive Misahara look.

PS.These are a great gift for the Misahara obsessed woman who has it all.

Every woman needs the perfect pearl necklace. So, Lepa developed the Dreamy Akoya with the ocean in mind. Pristine Akoya pearls form a chain supporting a gemstone bezel of your choice. Alluring.

The Plima Drop with Diamonds, a breathtaking new take on the client favorite Plima Drop Necklace, is a cascade of diamonds. This is the quintessential diamond necklace. The definition of timeless.

Collectible by nature, the Misahara Minis were once again among our best selling for great reason. At the most accessible fine jewerly price point, these pieces are stackable, giftable, and mix and matchable. Everyone loves Minis.

And while we’re talking best sellers…the iconic Zora Ring: a Misahara standard featuring dozens of the most pristine diamonds once again captured your hearts.

The Star Bright Necklace: Another Misahara standard. Shine bright like the star you are as glistening white diamonds embellish your décolletage. As remarkable as the sunset.

We hope you felt confident to experiment with your jewelry this year, be it through metal mixing, or embracing a new piercing. Self-expression through jewelry is precisely why we’re here.


2024 jewelry

There is nothing more powerful than a new year. May we invite you to dream. We are humbled to create fine jewelry in the heart of New York City that speaks to your ambitions…your life journey.

Fine jewelry worth wearing is so much more than shimmering gold. True beauty emerges from something much deeper, something that starts in the emotional state of the jewelry designer and echoes in the unique ability of jewelry to speak to the heart.

We are humbled to enter this, our 11th year, of serving you with the world’s most precious materials handcrafted to uniquely suited to tell your story and embrace a present life. This is true luxury.

There are endless possibilities and we are thrilled.

"2024 is going to be more about quiet luxury and bringing newness by expanding our existing Collections. With our timeless designs you can layer from past collections the new designs coming out this year. I am adding a haute hippy bohemian vibe with a mix of beads, precious metals and precious stones. Misahara will "charm" you every quarter with a fresh new charm. New Minis will be popping up occasionally throughout the year . A special designer drop will occasionally be launched. I guess it is fair to say to look out for new jewels from Misahara because they will come at various times throughout the year." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara Founder and Designer

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. For trusting us with your ambitions and stories, for seeing the greater vision of these special pieces, and for supporting us into every new chapter, we are profoundly grateful.

When you share how our jewelry makes you feel, we are filled with pride and satisfaction. To create timeless works of art that communicate our love to yours is an indescribably fulfilling experience. Thank you for being a part of our world.


Our goals and aspirations for the year ahead are simple: To keep bringing you the best. From design to execution, our goal is to create a personal experience that unites designer to client.

We pledge to bring you the beautiful and pleasantly unexpected. We encourage you to take risks and flaunt the best of yourself (Maybe we’ll see more metal mixing in 2024!?). We promise to make your fine jewelry investment one that will bring great satisfaction to pass onto a new generation.

We will practice the unity integral to our identity by reinforcing our commitments toward sustainability. We will honor the Earth that has inspired these designs by giving back and sharing the core truth of who we are. Whether we connect in our New York City showroom, at the Ferrari racetrack, or right here virtually, we are humbled to create jewelry that echoes life’s precious experiences.

From all of us at Misahara, happy new year.

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